Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Waffles

Growing up, Sunday mornings around my mom and dad's had one tradition . . . waffles! My dad would mix the batter from scratch, pour it into an ancient waffle maker, and all 7 of us (yes, seven!) would come to the table for a wonderful family breakfast.

pancake mix

I suppose I could easily find a waffle recipe online, but why? Krusteaz is my fav mix, for waffles and pancakes alike. I've never tried their other kinds - Buttermilk, etc. - because this has been foolproof. I add some water, enough to make the batter thin enough to pour. Sometimes I add a tablespoon of olive oil, if I'm feeling particularly health-conscious.

Now, for the waffle iron. Up until a week ago, I didn't have one so I'd only make waffles at Mom's. She got this one from QVC and it's truly wonderful.


I set it at 3-1/2. It beeps when it’s hot, pour in the batter, rotate the handle, and it beeps when it’s done. Perfect waffles, every time! No grease, no spray Pam, easy-peasy.

Why did Mom give me this brand new one? ‘Cause she still had the old one Dad used and she loves it.


waffle maker

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Are You a Foodie Newbie?

I am. I love watching cooking shows on the Food Network. Rachael, Paula, Guy, Bobby & Duff are all regulars in my home. And I dig the gadget shows – infomercials, QVC, Home Shopping Network. Only one little issue – I am just learning how to cook.

That’s right. I’m 51 years old and just recently decided I really want to learn to cook. Nothing gourmet or fancy. Just good comfort food. And if it’s on the healthy side, all the better.

I figure there must be others out there like me – we love food, we want to learn how to cook, and most recipes take for granted we already know how. But we don’t, do we? Like when a recipe says “cook ‘til golden brown” and you wonder just what exactly how golden is golden and how brown is brown.

So I’m starting a blog for us, all of us who really want to cook good food, but don’t know a sauce pan from a skillet. I’ll share my successes, as well as my failures, my triumphs and my tragedies. And I hope you’ll do the same. (If you’re an experienced cook, any sage – pardon the pun – advice is welcome.

I’ve also started a Foodie Newbie Network – where you can join and contribute your own recipes. So grab a cup of coffee, or pour a spot o’ tea, and meet me in the kitchen. No experience req’d.